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Jody served in The Marine Corps which allowed us to be certified Homegrown by Heroes through the Veteran Farmer Coalition


Our names are Jessica and Jody Grund.  We raise Angora goats that provide us with beautiful mohair.  We sell our mohair Raw, and get it made into various forms of yarn.  We have a both registered white and colored angora goats.  We are members of the Colored Angora Goat Breeders association.

In addition to our mohair and yarn, at times we have some goats for sale.  If interested in purchasing from us, please see our contact information.


We have quite the menagerie of animals on our farm.  You will find horses, donkeys, ducks and geese, chickens, rabbits, and even two 500 pound pet pigs.




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Faribault, Minnesota



Bobbin and Minnie

Meet Bobbin and Minnie.  They are our cherished senior citizens of the goat ranch at 14 years old!  At one time they were the herd leader, but now they have settled down and need some extra attention at times.  Their mohair is very straight and is coveted by doll makers that use it for the …


Grazing Goat Ranch
Faribault, Minnesota