Bobbin and Minnie

Meet Bobbin and Minnie.  They are our cherished senior citizens of the goat ranch at 14 years old!  At one time they were the herd leader, but now they have settled down and need some extra attention at times.  Their mohair is very straight and is coveted by doll makers that use it for the hair on their dolls.

Two weeks ago I found Bobbin on her side with her eyes rolling around.  I was very scared and thought we were going to lose her.  She actually was a gift to my daughter Ellory from Pat at Prairie Lake Farm, so she is especially loved.  Jessica came into the barn and we were able to get Bobbin to sit up right which seemed to help.  Thankfully Jessica knew that ruminants can not lay on their side for very long, or it will cause all kinds of problems.  The weather had turned damp and cold, so we had to bring her into a separate pen with a heat lamp to warm her up.  Goats are herding animals, which means they don’t like to be left alone, so we brought Minnie up to keep her company.  After giving her shots of vitamin B and antibiotics, Bobbin came around and is joining the herd today along with Minnie.  Her three kids sure missed her.

With the colder weather, we need to check our goats regularly and give them more food to keep them healthy.  Our hydrant froze in the goat barn, so I’m getting a good workout hauling buckets of water to them.

Such is the Joys of raising angora goats in Minnesota.